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Sustainability: It’s Our Heritage

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Making an Impact

Our social impact: the social impact we make through getting people ready for work, skilling up and building integrated and inclusive workplaces

Our environmental impact: our environmental impact reducing energy emissions and greenhouse gasses

Our economic impact: the economic impact we make through getting people ready for work, skilling up and building integrated and inclusive workplaces

ManpowerGroup's Impact on Sustainability

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Developing Employability for Tomorrow's Talent 

Young people today face many of the uncertainties of job seekers from previous generations, but today’s world of work is even more complex, volatile and fast-moving. By 2030, Gen Z and Millennials will make up 2/3 of the global workforce and 65% of Gen Z will do jobs that don’t even exist yet.

As half of the workers we place around the world are Millennials, we know how important it is to help young people get ready for work, upskill and stay employable. We do this by nurturing their learnability to help them stay employable over longer working lives. Access to continuous learning and real work experience is the first step on the career path.

Generation Z

Partnering with Junior Achievement to Nurture Learnability for the Next Generation

Too many young people today find themselves graduate-ready but not job-ready. To change that, we partner with Junior Achievement, the world’s largest non-profit dedicated to young people’s work readiness. We know which skills employers want, when and where, and we bring this practical experience to JA’s mission to inspire 10 million students every year to dream big, seek out experience and reach their potential.

Investing over $2 million and thousands of hours in volunteering in over 35 locations in the last decade, we’re proud to deliver successful, long-term programs that help students build skills in work-readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy. We know this works. JA Alumni are more employable, more enterprising, start more businesses and earn higher salaries than non-JA students. Our partnership provides the valuable combination of skills and experience that will be young people’s ticket to ride for years to come.

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ManpowerGroup's CEO supports Junior Achievement

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Connecting Malaysian Grads with In-Demand Roles

Using the Teachable Fit model to identify graduates with high learnability, Manpower Malaysia’s Recruit, Train, Deploy, Manage (RTDM) Program has trained over 300 graduates and matched them to positions in in-demand fields. We then provide industry-relevant training, on-the-job learning modules and career coaching to help graduates prepare for what can be the most challenging time in their working lives.

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Connecting Malaysian Grads with in demand roles

ManpowerGroup Sustainability Malaysian Grads

Career Conversations Get Youth Ready for Work in Thailand

In universities across Thailand, we’re applying our knowledge of in-demand skills and understanding of where jobs are to help graduates be employable across ASEAN for the long-term. Our career coaching has helped thousands of accounting, engineering, architecture and IT graduates develop career plans and be ready for a world of work.

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ManpowerGroup Sustainability Career Conversation in Thailand

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Hot Entrepreneurial Skills for Ice Cold Youths in Spain

Over half of Millennials say they’re open to new ways of working and more than a third would consider running their own business. In Spain, where youth unemployment stands at over 40%, we’ve partnered with Unilever to pilot Soy Frigo and help make this dream a reality. Assessing and selecting from 25,000 applicants, we provided training and deployed 410 young people as ice-cream sellers, providing them the opportunity to develop crucial skills in micro-entrepreneurship, marketing and finance so they can own their own business in the future.

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ManpowerGroup Sustainability Soy Frigo pilot in Spain

Manpower UK Gets Youth Job-Ready

It’s hard to get on the career ladder without the crucial combination of skills and experience. High-demand industries like cyber and IT require at least 3 years of experience. Manpower UK is tackling this problem head on through Movement to Work, a collaboration of companies committed to creating thousands of high quality vocational training and work experience opportunities for the thousands of unemployed youth in the UK. Our approach is working: Movement to Work connects 50% of young people to jobs, while Manpower has provided 70% of our participants with work.

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ManpowerGroup Sustainability Manpower UK Helps youths become job-ready

Manpower India Offers Bright Future for 40,000

Jobs and skills are a critical component of reviving communities. Manpower India is helping to do just that in the region of Jammu and Kashmir in partnership with the Ministry of Home Affairs and the National Skill Development Corporation.

Project Udaan has reached 40,000 young people over the last 5 years, offering them work experience placements and training in retail, banking and IT.

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ManpowerGroup Sustainability Manpower India offers bright future for 40,000 future employees


Building New Skills for a Fast-Changing World of Work

Tech disruption — increasing automation, AI and robotics — has created a period of transition in the labor market and means skills needs are changing at an unprecedented pace. But it need not be a battle of human vs. robot.

Some skillsets will become redundant and people will have to adapt to new ways of working. Individuals will be able to take on less mundane, more fulfilling roles — if they have the relevant skills to do so. That's why we're helping people at all stages of their working lives to nurture learnability and acquire sought after skills that help them stay relevant.

ManpowerGroup Sustainability Report Learnability

Learnability Quotient

Technology is always changing and so is the workplace. Your Learnability Quotient (or LQ) reflects your desire and ability to grow and adapt to new circumstances and challenges throughout your work life. Learn more about the Learnability Quotient »

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Manpower U.S. Offers Coaching, Development and Degrees to Advance Careers

When businesses want it all — experience and qualifications — we help make that possible. Our MyPath program offers people the tools they need to advance their careers, providing assessment, coaching, development and even degrees, so people can learn while they earn and find work in growing sectors like finance and IT.

Through our partnership with Western International University we're offering Manpower associates across the United States the opportunity to achieve college degrees at no personal cost, while they work and while they're supported by our own expert career coaches.

We know first-hand that improving people's learnability and employability means businesses have access to a wider pool of quality talent and individuals have the in-demand skills that gives them more control and choice throughout their careers.

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Upskilling 60,000 People in France to Fill Business Critical Roles

In France, our largest market, we are developing skills for in-demand sectors like IT and call centers so people can be employable for the long-term. Through Futurskill, ManpowerGroup's professional training brand, we deliver assessment, training and access to our online learning management system for more than 60,700 people across France. They are trained in soft and hard skills, how to take assessments and how to use learning management system software — and 90% of candidates are placed into work!

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ManpowerGroup Sustainability Up skilling in France

90% Score Top Jobs with Experis India's Tailored IT Program

Partnering with our clients to help people develop sought after skills is critical in a talent-scarce market. Last year in India, our Experis brand did just that to train 1,000 graduates in testing, Java and mainframe skills. Working with our client, a top Fortune 500 technology company, we designed the Hire, Train, Deploy model and developed a tailored curriculum and intensive boot-camp training programs. Impressively, 60% of participants were female, and 90% went on to work for the client.

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ManpowerGroup Sustainability IT training Program in India

Entrepreneurial Talent in Their Thousands — the Job Creators of Tomorrow

To help grow the share of entrepreneurs in Shanghai, we have built on our candidate selection expertise to create New Business Starters, a unique new assessment for entrepreneurial skills and aptitudes — identifying relevant cognitive skills, personality traits and life experiences that accurately select individuals with the highest potential to succeed. Over 225,000 candidates have been assessed — some fresh to the labor market and others taking a new career direction — all benefitting from upskilling advice and training.

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ManpowerGroup Sustainability entrepreneurs in Shanghai

Manpower U.K.'s 18 Year Journey with Jaguar Land Rover

When something works well it's worth repeating. That's why in the U.K. our partnership with Jaguar Land Rover has been running for 18 years. In the last five we have supported 7,000 people into work while they upskill and more than 600 of them were 18-24 year olds not in education, employment or training. Our program has helped reposition the West Midlands region in the U.K. as a global center for automotive manufacturing, creating 1,500 new jobs just last year.

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Nurturing Diversity in the Workplace

Changing demographics are dramatically impacting workforces in the Human Age. People are living longer and working older and many employers now have five generations to motivate and manage. The movement of people is also impacting talent pools, as Europe is seeing the biggest influx since WWII and many migrants bring valuable skills to a region challenged by an aging population and talent shortages.

Diversity, integration and inclusion is a social and economic priority. Whether they are individuals with disabilities, displaced or discriminated against we make it our priority to enable all people to participate in the workplace and achieve their potential.

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Transforming Military Recruitment in Australia Through Conscious Inclusion

For the Australian Defence Force (ADF), diversity is a major tool in their armoury to ensure they have the best talent for the 300+ different roles they need to fill. Their skill requirements are complex while the standards and quantity of recruits required are extremely high. Through our collaboration — Defence Force Recruiting (DFR), a partnership between ManpowerGroup Australia and the ADF — we are combining the core expertise of both our organizations to integrate recruitment across the Navy, Army and Air Force to create a diverse and inclusive workplace.

This successful relationship spans more than a decade and our expertise, insight and practical solutions have secured another five years to 2020, worth more than $400 million in delivering the largest and most complex Recruitment Process Outsourcing in the world.

Every year DFR attracts 100,000 enquiries and processes 70,000 applicants. Shifting the needle to source talent from wider pools, attract the best skills and better represent underrepresented groups — including women, indigenous Australians and those who are culturally and linguistically diverse — is mission critical. DFR has already made great strides — indigenous Australians are recruited at an overall rate of 4.8% (higher than the total population percentage) and the number of female applicants has increased by 85% over the last few years, thanks to the implementation of our Seven Steps to Conscious Inclusion model.

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ManpowerGroup Sustainability Australian Defense Force

Opening Doors for Refugees in Europe

The influx of over a million displaced people entering Europe since 2015 presents a wealth of untapped talent — for whom work is a passport to integration. ManpowerGroup Netherlands has partnered with the Dutch Council for Refugees, UAF (an NGO supporting refugees finding work) and the Naturalisation Service to offer refugees re-training, long-term employment as interpreters. Ready and willing to learn, these refugees are upskilling or converting skills through intensive courses and then matched with interpreter positions. Together we are empowering those who have overcome their own obstacles to help others do the same.

In Norway, we’ve partnered with a client to help fill their manufacturing vacancies with people who are able to work, desperate to earn and eager to develop skills. More than 450 people displaced from countries including Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Somalia and Sudan have found work through the program.

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ManpowerGroup Sustainability Opening Doors for Refugees

Building Diverse and Inclusive Workforces at International Events

In the summer of 2016 all eyes were on Rio de Janeiro as Brazil hosted one of the highest profile sporting events in the world. ManpowerGroup Brazil worked for months to fill 15,000 positions from highly skilled tennis line judges to broadcast media technicians to experienced customer service and food service vendors. Our approach to doing well by doing good extended across the event, and of the 15,000 workers we hired, more than 150 people with disabilities joined the winning team supporting Brazil.

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ManpowerGroup Sustainability Report International Events

Breaking Down Barriers in Madrid, Barcelona and Zaragoza

In Spain, we have been helping individuals and organizations overcome the low participation rate for people with disabilities. Our Fundacion ManpowerGroup INTEGRA Program has been training disabled university students in Barcelona, Madrid and Zaragoza for over a decade. We train business mentors for our clients and find the best-fit diverse talent to help them meet their needs under the Spanish Law for Social Integration of the Disabled.

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Mission Critical: Helping Service Leavers Adapt to Civilian Life

Every year in the U.K. thousands of people leave the armed forces with a range of skills and experience, but service men and women can find it hard to demonstrate the relevance of those skills for civilian roles. The Career Transition Partnership (CTP) — an agreement between the Ministry of Defence and Right Management U.K. — has provided resettlement services for over 180,000 individuals transitioning from the Royal Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines to civilian life over the last decade. Through CTP, we advise people on their choices and preparation for a change of direction and offer training to upskill, reskill, or adapt qualifications. Our approach is working: over 90% of all service leavers transitioning through CTP are settled into a new civilian job within six months.

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ManpowerGroup Sustainability Royal Service Adapt to Civilian Life